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It is our job to provide you with strong, relevant profiles for your vacancies in order to save you time, money and effort in recruiting. And, of course, we work discretly - which is essential, especially in the case of delicate replacements.


In more than 10 years of our existence we have gained a lot of experience in international recruitment. We search for candidates using our broad network (over 400,000 registered candidates in Europe and worldwide), approaching them directly, via headhunting and application management.


We search regionally without restriction - all over Europe and worldwide. Even if we do not specialize in any subject area and generally fill every professional position, we have particular experience in these areas


  • Technology (mechanical engineering, engineering, IT)

  • Financial services

  • Distribution

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing





PPC International mainly relies on active employee search and direct approach: We focus on the right people and ensure the greatest possible discretion. We engage trained researchers with the search for talent. Our international research team works in a network and recruits across borders. We look for suitable candidates in our own database, in international recruiting platforms and social networks. In addition, we also provide classic headhunting.





The PPC quality system guarantees that our internal standards, our processes, the procedures and documentation are applied across all markets and employees. This also includes the IT systems used, the search itself, the agreed service levels and the structure of profiles.

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